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    Pet House for Cats


    Easy to install and it is easy to clean Pet House thanks to its glossy surface. This feature provides a hygienic environment for your pet . This prevents the occurrence of odor-causing issues.

    Size: 45 X 45 X 27 cm

    Pets House is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

    Unique design and alternative color options offer a warm environment to your pet to adapt to your home and will attract the interest of your little friend.

    Inside the pets house, the bed will provide a comfortable environment for your pet friend.

    Easy and practical cleaning of the bed, can be washed in washing machine in low temperature.

    Suitable for cat and small breed pets.


    After removing the product from its package , make sure that the insertion parts fit into each other. Press a bit to ensure that it is fully fit.

    You can clean the product periodically with a piece of cloth. You can also wash with warm water and various cleaning tools.


    Please don?t leave the product in direct sunlight for long time periods . It may damage the product.

    It is recommended to use micro fiber or cotton cloth for cleaning the product to avoid scratches on the product body.


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