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    Water Fountain 2.5 Liter 5 Volt 3 Watt


    CaDo Pet Water Fountain has packed as ready to use. For practical usage please use the following instructions.

    Remove the product from the package and place it on a flat surface.

    Make sure that the water pump is seated in its base.

    Make sure that the filter cartridge located in the reservoir is located in its slot.

    The fiber contained in the filter cartridge will retain harmful substances in the water(dust, dirt, bristles, feathers etc.); The carbon contained in the fiber will minimize the effects of heavy metals, lime etc. in water.

    Add up to 2 liters of water to the water tank.

    Align the lid to the pump outlet and place it into the slot.

    Wait until the pump runs regularly by plugging the plug into the 5V socket.

    You can add water to the water tank by adding small amounts as the water drops.

    Add a maximum of 2.5 liters of water to the water tank.


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