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    Cat Canned Wet Food 200g with Lamb


    Ingredients: Fresh lamb meat (%100), meat jelly, taurin, minerals. Vit E 5 mg/kg, Vit D 160 mg/kg. Our products do not have pork and additives.

    Protein: %10, Raw Fat:%4, Calsiyum:%0.25, Phosphorus:%0.2, Moisture:%78

    Produced with 100% animal content to meet the daily nutritional needs of an adult cat. Thanks to its high protein and amino acid ratio, it promotes the development of muscles and helps to protect skin and hair health. The ratio of taurine has been increased to correspond the required for the development of the nervous system and heart muscles.

    Terms of Use: To be served at room temperature. After opening, keep in refrigerator and consume within 24 hours. Consume before the expiry date printedon the packaging.

    Feeding Amount: You can feed your adult cat with a can of food shared in 2 or 3 meals daily


    In Package: 24 Pieces

    Pallet Size: 80*120 cm

    On Pallet: 120 Package

    Unit Weight: 415 g

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